Andy Kim Christmas 2012
Serena Ryder


Andy Kim Christmas 2012
Colin James


Live at the Tranzac / June 21, 2012
Morgan and Tamara Williamson at the Tranzac - set to Moritz Oberholzer's movie London Bus Tour (video)


w/ Alex Lifeson of Rush
2010 Andy Kim Christmas show

MD demo reel

Morgan Doctor Demo Reel

Craig Ferguson

Live on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
youtube video

Modern Drummer

Morgan in Modern Drummer

true colors

On the True Colors tour
youtube video

belgium dance

"Belgium" set to a dance piece
youtube video

anti-hit list

Morgan on Sakamoto's "Anti-hit List"
pdf article

echoes interview

Interview from "Echoes"
mp3 download

echoes interview

CD release from the Dakota